“Now is the worst time to sideline parents from school.’


The perfect way to engage and involve parents

MarvellousMe is the perfect way to engage and involve parents, without adding to teachers’ workload or risking their well- being. This has never been more important than now, with the extra challenges faced because of COVID.

Find our 4 easy ways to see how MarvellousMe will help your school and parents sustain a positive partnership, and help children flourish through the pandemic and beyond.

We previously used Facebook and another parent communication app, but we were still only hitting 70%. With MarvellousMe we are up to 99% within two weeks, which is excellent.

1. Social distancing makes it difficult to engage and reassure parents

MarvellousMe makes it easy to send learning-led notes and general messages to parents, sparking exciting family conversations about school and involving them in their child’s school day.

Used throughout/during a lesson, MarvellousMe inspires the whole class and won’t add to teacher‘s workload. Teachers are guarded from unnecessary replies, off- task comments and out-of-hour contact.

“In a time when parents are naturally worried about their child’s wellbeing, MarvellousMe is an easy way to provide reassurance at any time throughout the day.

2. Delivering home learning

MarvellousMe is a light-touch way to send home learning exercises, files, media, and weblinks. Everyone can use it!

Teachers can even track when children/parents say they have completed a home task.

Spelling practice

at the ready.

Spelling lists are never to-hand when parents want to do some impromptu practice with their child.

Help them out, and save paper and money, by sending the words in MarvellousMe. Highlight you’d like some home support, add a deadline, and track when parents tick ‘Done’.

Celebrate spelling success in class with a Super Speller badge (and maybe a Super Parent one for the home helpers.)

Home reading tracker

paperless and COVID secure.

Reading diaries are expensive and waste lots of paper.

MarvellousMe makes it easy to see when children have read at home. Just send a Reading-specific note, flag home practice, and track when the task’s done!

You’re then all set to praise the child with a Star Reader badge!

3. Blended awarding for blended learning

MarvellousMe Badges provide a joined- up way to recognise and celebrate success in the classroom and on online learning portals.

Award badges for Respect and Resourcefulness in class, champion- status on TT Rock Stars, and great work on Google Classroom.

4. Revolutionising sticker, certificates and plastic house tokens

“In the current Pandemic giving out reward badges is best avoided due to distancing, but they are needed as children’s esteem needs boosting after so much time out of school. With MarvellousMe we can give out as many badges as we like, it’s the perfect solution.

MarvellousMe digitizes your rewards, values and house point system, supercharges it with parent-pride and reinforcement, and gives children and parents a wonderful electronic keepsake.

You can customise your badges with your own images, labels and comments, view scorecards and track whole school consistency.

Auto-tallying and paper-reduction will save you a lot of time and money as well!

HeadteacherChat’s Review of MarvellousMe:
MarvellousMe Review

HeadteacherChat’s Review of MarvellousMe:

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The proper way to engage parents.

The proper way to engage parents.