Enrich learning with home help.
Create superheroes. Pride-powered.
Linked-up learning.

Positive ClassRooms,
Super-Engaged Parents

Drive progress. Save time. Save money

Praise children. Involve parents.

Everyone loves kind words from teachers. Children and parents smile and have positive conversations about school. Teachers are appreciated and backed-up. MarvellousMe delivers this.

Proven ways, beautifully digitised. All together or pick n’ mix.

Drive Positive Behaviours with 'Thumbs Up!' points.

Give a 👍 to praise good things in class. ‘Ping’, counters, scorecards and team/House totals included.

‘MarvellousMe is the fastest and most positive way to involve parents in their child’s achievements.’
Mr. Sharp, Headteacher

Happiness built in.

In under 3 minutes per week, teachers involve all parents in their child’s education. Without tech-overload or time-guzzling replies.

Fast, focused and fun for teachers.
Proud, motivated families.
Improved learning and character.

Enrich learning with home help.

‘We’ve been learning…’ e-postcards. Tell families about their child’s day. Start great conversations about school. Ask parents to help. Short and sweet.

Subject-stamped. Seconds to send – whole class, to groups, or individuals. Add links, media, files and tasks.

Personalised and pinned in the child’s MarvellousMe SchoolBook. Hi5s show teacher-appreciation.

Create superheroes. Pride-powered.

Reward progress. Reinforce values and behaviours. Encourage well-being. Develop learning habits… Involve parents in the moment. Inspire them to say ‘Well done’ after school.

Award badges to give meaningful praise. Make them extra special with motivating comments.

Tailored. Personalised. Saved in the child’s MarvellousMe SchoolBook. Tracked in counters and scorecards. Tallied for Houses.

Notes n’ nudges.

Kit and book reminders, school news, surveys, forms… Send general messages and reminders. From the classroom, head’s room and office (optional).

Visual. On-point. Save £1000s on texts and paper.

‘MarvellousMe perfectly balances our office comms. It’s teacher-led, positive and involves parents where it matters most.’

Mrs. Richards, Head of School

Live the moment. Love the memories.

MarvellousMe Parent app. Free. Easy. Inspiring.

Positive and personal alerts. Attention-grabbing. Smile-making.

Recall the child’s badges and learning from any device. Forever in their MarvellousMe SchoolBook. Share the app family wide.

School messages are easy to find. Sorted. Tasks added to diaries.

Linked-up learning.

Steer families to the school’s website, class pages, learning platforms and resources. Always to-hand.

Add a ‘Contact us’ link, with proper boundaries, monitoring and security included.

Swap diaries and paper with our integrated Reading Log and other Google and MS forms. Better feedback. Improved outcomes.

Big time and money savings.


Fast school setup. Top-notch aftercare.

Leadership tools. Pin-point parent involvement on key subjects and rewards. Track it’s happening. Report impact. Streamline admin.

Teachers fly. Parents engage. Children flourish. Schools outshine.

Proven ways, beautifully digitised.

UK-based. Built by parents.
Endorsed by experts.

Parent engagement is one of the most effective ways to improve test scores, boost character development and confidence, and help children become more powerful learners. The more parents and children have good conversations about school, the better pupils achieve. MarvellousMe makes these family conversations happen.

Bill Lucas, Professor of Learning and co-author of ‘Educating Ruby’University of Winchester

This is home-to-school communication at its best. MarvellousMe is a fantastic, school-wide solution that enables us to share positive feedback with our parents, so that they can be fully engaged in their children’s learning.

Mrs. Kemp-Hall, Principal

Parents value the regular information shared by teachers through the school’s MarvellousMe system.

Ofsted Inspection Report

We love MarvellousMe! I’ve never had an initiative go down so well with parents, children and staff! It’s wonderful because the children are actively getting their parents involved. It’s been so popular with parents who are separated and dads say how included they feel.

Kate Chisholm, Headteacher

I love MarvellousMe. It’s so quick and easy. I use it with my class to reinforce their learning and to praise those who have done well. Children are really motivated by knowing that their parents are instantly told the good news.

Mrs. Spencer, Teacher

I love MarvellousMe and can’t wait to get back to sending more updates to parents in September! I’m going to beat my 7,846 Hi5s for this school year!

Joanne Brereton, Teaching Assistant

We are all buzzing about the impact of MarvellousMe. The children are so pleased when they get badges and parents only have positive things to say. We have seen impact on reading at home and teachers comment that children and parents are working together more.

Sam Walker, Headteacher

Pupils particularly like the MarvellousMe initiative.

Ofsted Inspection Report

An amazing app! Finally, I can see what my son has been doing at school. Asking him is like getting blood from a stone.


I overheard a lovely conversation as a parent picked up their child and commented: ‘You’ve been working hard in maths today, what did you do?’

Mrs. Cooper, Deputy Headteacher

Parents love MarvellousMe. It enables them to easily talk with their children about the school day. Parents sometimes feel they only hear bad news. MarvellousMe enables them to hear the good news too.

Mrs. White, SENCO

It’s amazing that you can see what I’m doing in school.

Year 6 pupil to her mother

We did a survey last year on MarvellousMe and 96% parents came back with they loved it!

Sarah Willox, School Administrator