1. Booster plan & checklist

Our booster plan and checklist will ensure you have everything sorted. The plan includes helpful links.

2. Admin/SLT user guide

Watch the video walkthrough to see the features that will help you to maintain consistency across your school, and focus parent engagement on your curriculum priorities, and your rewards, values and learning powers. Or, and if you can’t access YouTube, swipe through the PDF version. The leadership sections are marked on the contents page.

3. Teacher refresh

To get staff up to speed, show our short introduction video, and then either the user guide video or PDF. Check their understanding with our quiz. Most importantly, agree your non-negotiables, so everyone knows how you expect them to use MarvellousMe, and how often.

4. Follow us

Please follow us on social media to stay up to date with new features, tips and more.

Resources and help