Please remember to download the latest version of the MarvellousMe app to get new features and refinements.

> Viewing attachments 

To view an attachment in MarvellousMe, tap the orange paperclip in any message. Then tap the download icon at the top right of your screen. This is normally a blue/black circle with an arrow in the centre.

Your device might download the attachment to its ‘Files’ or ‘Downloads’ folder, so please check in these locations.

> Need to re-trigger device notifications

There can be several reasons why alerts are not coming through effectively, such as not permitting them in your device’s notification settings, not updating your email in MarvellousMe if you have changed it, having no data connection etc, or changing your phone etc.

We always recommend you delete and re-install the app to help. You will not need to join up again, just log in with your email and password. You should then be prompted to accept notifications, which will re-register your device for the alerts.

Please also go to your MarvellousMe app Settings, and toggle the device alert off and back on again. Here, you can choose to receive email alerts as well.

For Android users, there can be many local device settings that can affect notifications, such as not allowing alerts from Google Play. This video about resolving notifications for the Gmail app also provides some useful general guidance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsfwYJa4oh4

If you still need help, please contact our Helpdesk.


Q. How do I get a join code? 

Please ask the school office or your child’s teacher for your unique join code. We are not able to give them out directly, for good safeguarding.

Q. When I try to log in, I get the message: ‘Email address is already in use.’  What does this mean?

You already have a MarvellousMe account, so just log in with your email and password.

Q. I’ve forgotten my login details. How do I reset them?

Tap the password reset link, or contact our Help Centre.

After you’ve reset your password, you will need to open the mobile app on your device and log inas the reset happens in a browser. This ensures you get the alerts.

Q. How do I change my password?

Tap ‘Settings’ and then ‘Account’. Then enter and confirm a new password.

Q. How do I change my email?

Please contact us to change your email, or ask the school office to update it in their MarvellousMe system.

If you contact us directly, please use the email you used to create your MarvellousMe account, and tell us what your new email address is. If you don’t have access to your previous email, we will ask a few questions, or contact the school for their approval, for good safeguarding.

How do I add a second child, or more children, to my app? 

Tap ‘Add Child’, then enter their join code and their name.

Please enter their name exactly as it’s shown on the join code letter, or as registered at the school. You do not need to sign up to MarvellousMe again.

Q. How do I see my child’s history? 

Tap the icons under ‘News’ on their home screen, and then the blue timeline boxes.

Q. How do I share the app with family members or carers? 

Either give them the same join code, or tap ‘Share your app’ in ‘Settings’.

Q. Can I message teachers? 

We limit replies to HI5s, so not to risk teachers to extra work.

Hi5 every time you get a message, by tapping the orange hand, to thank teachers for keeping you informed, and to celebrate your child’s success.

Q. How do I get alerts? 

You need to be logged in to our mobile app, on either an Apple or Android device, to get alerts.

Please check you have switched on notifications for MarvellousMe in your device’s settings. We recommend permanent alerts.

Alternatively, delete the app, turn your phone off and on (or clear its short-term memory), then re-install the MarvellousMe parent app. You do not need to join again, just log in and accept notifications when prompted.

Q. Can I change my child’s character image in the app? 

Only teachers can change the characters at the moment. There are about 120 for them to choose from, including superheroes, monsters, stars and blobs.

Q. I don’t use and Apple or Android device. How do I use MarvellousMe? 

You can join and use MarvellousMe in a web browser, and switch on email alerts in ‘Settings’. Please use Chrome.

Q. My child no longer attends the school using MarvellousMe, how do I remove them?

Adds, moves and changes to MarvellousMe are managed by the school office, for good safeguarding.

Can you please ask the school administrator to remove your child from their MarvellousMe setup.

Q. Do you provide demonstrations to parents? 

Unfortunately we aren’t able to provide demonstrations to parents.
However, you’ll find a quick reference guide, detailed walkthrough and FAQs at www.marvellousme.com/parentguides

Q. I still need help. How do I get in touch? 

Please visit our Help Centre or get in touch here.